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VLM Vertical – Linear – Modular

The VLM production line
is used for the production of 3-piece cans made of tinplate.
The production line is an innovation for can manufacturing and has essential advantages for can producers:

  • Vertical processing of the cans in all manufacturing processes to improve access to the line for adjustment and maintenance work,
  • Linear direct drives for can transport to reach a high output
  • Modular configuring of the line to fulfil the individual requirements of the end customer during the whole life cycle of the line.

With the VLM production line Larsen reacts to the individual requirements of can manufacturers. The can manufactures have to cope with the demand of the market for lower costs and smaller order quantities. At the same time the prices for raw materials and energy are increasing steadily.

With the VLM Larsen offers solutions for a highly flexible and efficient production line.
The line can be easily rebuilt. The change over time can be reduced by up to 93% compared to conventionally timed lines. This allows the production of smaller batches.
Furthermore the manufacture of many different can formats is possible on the VLM.

The VLM is available in the three models VLM 130, VLM 230 and VLM 350 for different can diameters and outputs and covers the operations erection/alignment, separation, expanding, flanging/necking, seaming (from below), beading and seaming (from above).

Further information (brochures, photos and videos) are also available. Please contact us at if you are interested.